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nukeygara is a brand new French start-up specializing in 3D animation software.
Its first upcoming product is akeytsu, a 3D software program dedicated solely to character rigging and animation. akeytsu is targeted for animation and video games industries.

Though intrinsically an artistic endeavour, 3D animation has been transformed in a high-level technical activity by the use of current software. These programs are broad-based and powerful, but overly complicated, with a very long learning curve.

akeytsu's motto is "designed by & for animators", and therefore it bares an artistic-oriented approach, breaking up classic standards of current broad-based 3D solutions. It provides a new work-flow built on simplicity, velocity and ergonomics. Professional animators as well as beginners will benefit from an interface fully designed by and for animators, focusing only on offering all the necessary rigging and animation tools.


Pôle PIXEL • Bât. Minoterie 1
26 rue Emile Decorps
69100 Villeurbanne